Who We Are:

Sana Lake Recovery; is a uniquely different addiction and mental health treatment center from the vast majority of centers in the country as we solely focus on delivering better outcomes for our members measured in terms of quality of life. Our system of care models the addiction programs for physicians and airline pilots which have achieved materially better outcomes than the typical treatment center over a long period of time. Our staff deliver highly personalized care using dynamic treatment and recovery plans managed by specialized care coordinators. Treatment is holistic evidence-based across a full continuum of care, from acute to chronic care programming with extended care support for five years or more. Programming is delivered by professionally credentialed medical, therapeutic, clinical and peer specialist staff. Frequent assessments are conducted of the members’ progress of achieving goals they can reasonably attain to adjust the treatment plan as needed. The staff are highly trained and credentialed professionals that care about the member finding recovery for life in everything we do.

Our facilities, from medically monitored detox to residential, outpatient, recovery supportive housing and transportation, are warm, calming and comfortable for optimal healing and recovery. Many describe our facilities as world-class, but however they may be described, it is a healing environment that engenders longer term connections with a community of like-minded people who first come into treatment not wanting to be there, who find our facilities to be where they want to be.

Our acute care detox and residential facility is strategically located on a stunning, serene and private 55 acres just west of St. Louis, MO. We offer the only dedicated 24/7 medically monitored and staffed detox unit of its kind in the region. Urgent access to medical, psychiatric and behavioral assessments and outpatient services are housed in modern state-of-the-art Behavioral Wellness Centers in St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri. Our recovery supportive housing is located in safe neighborhoods in St. Louis with one- and two-bedroom multi-family units with 24/7 staff supervision and transportation provided for Behavioral Wellness and other recovery supportive services.

As amazing as our properties and programming might be, the most important part of Sana Lake is our staff. We are blessed to have people at all levels in the organization who are deeply passionate about helping others find recovery for life. This passion cannot be manufactured. It happens every day in many small unknown actions when a staff member goes above and beyond to connect with the member, or in big ways where a life is saved. Staff have the freedom to do what they believe our members need to achieve their treatment and recovery goals. Freedom is an amazing gift that we cherish and earn every day.

-Paul D. Melnuk, CEO-

The Position

Sana Lake is expanding rapidly and is seeking licensed therapists who are passionate about helping people in a key role in the system of care for members to recover from substance use and mental health disorders. Our system of care is leading edge and built on evidence-based care. The Clinical Recovery Counselor (CRM) and their team of Peer Recovery Coaches (PRCs) are at the forefront of the delivery of the care for members. They are responsible for managing the member’s treatment and recovery plans across the full continuum of care from detox, residential, outpatient and extended care for as much as a 5-year period to support the member achieving their goal of recovery for life. The CRM manages the care process ensuring that the delivery of personalized care under the treatment and recovery plans are effective for the member to achieve their goals. The CRM and PRC’s will come to have the most intimate professional relationships with the member as they are quarterbacking the whole-person care over a long period of time; 5 or more years. The CRM and PRC engage with the member from their very start in care to the member having come to be a member in Recovery for Life.

To accomplish this, the Clinical Recovery Counselor and Peer Recovery Coaches, together with the Recovery Management Team, work collaboratively with members to:

1. Develop reasonably attainable goals with the member that are the foundation of their treatment and recovery plans.

2. Ensures the personalized programming delivered by the clinical team is aligned with the member plan goals.

3. Approves modifications to the personalized treatment and recovery goals and plans with the member and clinical team, whether directed by the member or as a realignment of the personalized medical and clinical programming.

4. Evaluates the member’s progress in achieving the desired outcomes as measured in terms of quality of life throughout the continuum of care including extended care and intervenes and/or supports the member actions to improve their quality of life trajectory as may be required from the appropriate source.

5. Provides input to the Chief Clinical Officer on the effectiveness of programming throughout the continuum of care and recommends areas for improvement to help achieve our goal of the best outcomes for the member as measured in the quality of their lives.

6. Communicates with the member’s family and/or the Family Program providers for the family in order to facilitate both the member recovery plan and the family recovery plan (as applicable).

7. Communicates and collaborates with other resources that may be necessary in order to support the member in achieving Recovery for Life and improved Quality of Life.

Our unique approach to substance use and mental health treatment stems from our dedicated commitment to exceptional care, evidence-based practices, and compassionate staff. The CRM position is the cornerstone of our commitment to ensure members are improving their quality of life through supportive care throughout the treatment system, from entry points at any level of care, and ongoing as they become members for life and continue on their Recovery for Life journey for as much as five years or more.

The CRM is the main point of contact for members entering from all pathways in the recovery-oriented system of care. The CRM is responsible for bridging the transitions between all components of the Recovery-oriented System of Care while monitoring and advocating for members from admission into the system of care and throughout Recovery for Life. Generally, the CRM acts as the point of contact for, and manager of, the information exchange between any medical or clinical team across the system of care and the specialized professionals on the ROSC team.

In addition, the CRM acts as the point of contact for providers and resources outside of the system of care and relevant to the members Recovery for Life. The CRM and PRC’s work closely and collaboratively as inextricably linked partners who serve different, but related, functions in supporting the members experience as part of the CRM team. While the PRC is working directly with the members on objectives and supports, as well as, with external, referral, and community resources in support of the member’s objectives; the CRM is ensuring that appropriate care, access, and communication is being administered at all points in the ROSC while monitoring and providing input into the member’s family treatment and recovery plans.

The Clinical Recovery Counselor is a management level position within the organization. This individual should have the ability to effectively communicate across a multi-disciplinary team while facilitating collaboration among specialized clinicians and providers as well as resources outside of the organization.


  • Possess one of the following
  • Missouri- LCSW,LPC,LMFT


  • Clinical Documentation with ASAM Criteria

All candidates who have received a written offer of employment will be required to undergo background check and drug testing.

Sana Lake Recovery, LLC is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.

** $5,000 Sign On Bonus for Fully Licensed Clinicians **