At Sana Lake Recovery, our centers provide addiction and mental health treatment with a more personal focus on what our members need for successful, lasting recovery. With credentialed, empathetic staff in a world-class treatment setting, members are guided toward long-term recovery in a way that makes the most sense for their unique needs. Once they find their footing in solid recovery, we’ll be here with ongoing, continued support for their wellness.

We understand how important an integrative, collaborative approach is to long-term, sustainable recovery. Our Recovery-oriented approach means we create comprehensive treatment plans based on the member’s personal body, mind and spiritual wellness, utilizing all the member’s available family and community resources to improve health, wellness and quality of life for those with, or at risk, of substance use disorders. Personalized Care is crucial in addressing each one of our member’s unique needs and personalized recovery goals. Through our experienced staff, we will help determine the best recovery plan to address each situation. We are member-centered and recognize that individuals often have complex needs. The services at Sana Lake are catered to these needs and are driven by the members’ goals.

Here at Sana Lake, we believe that along with our members, and their families, our staff should come first. We take pride in ensuring that staff have the on-going training, support, and recognition they need to best provide care and support to the members in our programs. By providing funds for on-going training, certification, and professional memberships we assist our staff in taking their careers to the next level. We take every opportunity to recognize staff efforts by organizing Sana Spirit and Treat days, by administering our Sana Shout-Out staff recognition program, and through a variety of other ways we spotlight and reward the wonderful things staff are doing in our programs. The Sana Lake staff embody our purpose, principles, and philosophies each and everyday in all of the ways they support each other, our members, and our programs.

  • Lindsey Eilers

    Assessment Therapist

    “ I love the work environment and positive, welcoming atmosphere Sana Lake continually provides the staff and members: spirit days, staff appreciation days, and our employee recognition program. ”

  • Keri Grigsby

    Office Staff Manager-Kansas City

    “ I’ve been given the opportunity of a lifetime to do something that I’m extremely passionate about, to work alongside an amazing team that values my opinions and a leadership team that encourages the growth and success of each one of its employees. ”